Boat loaders and unloaders

In this context, fast, smooth and efficient loading and unloading is of the highest priority and therefore so is a dependable and reliable plant.

An even distribution of the material during loading onto boats can be achieved in several ways. By using telescopic extensions or moving the conveyor laterally, either via a rotary centre, or on rails for movement along the boat. This means that the boat does not need to change position during loading.

As the material is loaded onto the boat, its level above the water is altered because it is weighed down at the same time as the material in the boat is filled up. The drop height of the material is adjusted frequently by means of raising and lowering functions in the boat loader. To create dust and waste-free conveyors it is possible to adapt the boat loader with different forms of enclosures, chutes or loading bellows. For smooth manoeuvring of the boat loader it can be fitted with remote control via radio.

For unloading of boats, Kellve can supply different types of conveyors for integration with other unloading equipment aboard the boat.