Complete plants and machinery

Well-integrated solutions – the key to good profitability

We offer services and solutions throughout the entire investment process from pre-study to final installation and commissioning.

Our business is based on knowledgeable and competent employees, and we possess unique specialist skills based on many years of experience. This gives us good overall competence to handle assignments in most of the different technical areas and phases within bulk and material handling.

By making an overall commitment to the entire project, from planning and design to production and installation, we create the right conditions for integration between the project’s different parts and components to be implemented in the best possible way. As one of the largest Scandinavian suppliers within our industry, we can carry out virtually all projects in our area, both large and small.

A comprehensive product portfolio

The systems and plants for bulk and material handling that Kellve develops and produces contain a variety of different individual products, both proprietary and from external manufacturers. This means that, in terms of material handling of dry bulk materials, we have one of the most complete ranges on the market.